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Creating Sustainable Value

________   Tschopp Group is an independent, owner-managed advisory and investment management firm that specializes in acquiring stakes in companies in «Special Situations». We actively work towards enhancing their enterprise value through strategic, operational, and structural improvements. Established in 1996 by Dr. Felix Tschopp, the Tschopp Group primarily operates in the DACH region. Our esteemed co-investors consist of European entrepreneurial families and selected institutional investors.

We provide long-term partnership and support to the companies we work with. Together with management, we develop strategies that add value and ensure their successful implementation through board and advisory mandates. Our team of experienced sector and industry experts assist us in identifying opportunities for strategic and operational improvement, which we then leverage in a consistent and sustainable manner.

As equity investors and representatives of our co-investors' interests, our primary objective is to foster entrepreneurial thinking in the companies we engage with, fostering sustainable growth through their efforts.


360°-View: Preserving Identity

________   In owner-managed companies, it is not only the economic aspects that play a decisive role. The emotional and interpersonal aspects are just as important. We place particular emphasis on continuing to write the existing company history, as it reflects the identity and values of the company and plays an important role in strengthening the company's success. Continuity in the continuation of the story preserves the company's heritage and forms the basis for further growth to secure a sustainable future.

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Well Connected

We are members of the following organisations and associations:

  • Swiss Private Equity and Corporate Finance Association (SECA)

  • European Venture Capital Association (EVCA)

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Swiss Values

They are part of our DNA, the proverbial Swiss values:

  • Stability and continuity

  • Quality and reliability

  • Discretion and integrity

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dr. Felix Tschopp?
  • Dr. Felix Tschopp is a Swiss entrepreneur, board member and strategy consultant.
  • He has more than 30 years of experience as a board member, managing director and consultant in local start-ups, globally active family businesses and international listed corporations.
  • He is passionate about building long-term and sustainable excellence in organisations of all sizes, far beyond immediate success, with a focus on lasting value.
  • He has raised two adult daughters and one adult son with love and dedication.
  • Dr. Felix Tschopp lives in the canton of Zug with his wife and two Bernese mountain dogs.
In What Business is Tschopp Group In?
  • We invest time and money in medium-sized companies.
  • We facilitate external succession solutions for established companies.
  • We support experienced managers on their way to becoming entrepreneurs.
  • We create wealth for all our stakeholders.
What are The Core Values at Tschopp Group?
  • We see ourselves as a partner for medium-sized companies and young entrepreneurs.
  • Our focus is on continuity, the preservation of existing corporate cultures and support in questions of strategy, financing and operational development. In doing so, we contribute not only our know-how, but also capital.
  • Open communication at eye level is of great importance to us. After all, the quality of the partnership is decisive for the value created in an investment relationship.
  • We are convinced that the firmer the common foundation, the more successful a cooperation will be. For this reason, we have developed partnership models that we consistently live by.
What Criteria Do We Use to Select Investments?
  • The integrity of the management or partners.
  • The market position of the company and how to expand it.
  • The cash flow situation of the company.
What criteria are used to select managers?
  • The heart and soul of a manager, new also to being an entrepreneur.
  • His passion for developing companies and creating value.
  • His concrete performance and results orientation.
  • His enthusiasm and ability to work in a team.
  • Good and fair dealings with all stakeholders.
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«Our Active Ownership model enables us to generate long-lasting value.»

«Durch Geld gelangt man mitunter in bessere Kreise. Aber es kann nichts daran ändern, wie viele Leute dich lieben oder wie gesund Du bist.»

Warren Buffet