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Expertise in Creating Value

________   For more than 20 years, the Tschopp Group, under the leadership of Dr. Felix Tschopp, has acted as an expert in strategic changes and repositioning of companies and entrepreneurial investments.

During this time, we have sharpened our senses to recognise human and operational potential in companies. Thanks to our strategic tools and our implementation-orientated commitment, we bring precisely this potential to fruition, enabling companies to leap in value.


Active Business Development

We have more than 20 years of experience in setting up and managing holding structures in a global environment. Across various platform companies, we have diverse industry experience in different company sizes, globally anchored and globally networked.

01   Potential Check-Up

Systematic Strategy Process

Entrepreneurial endeavours usually start with a good feeling and the confidence that you can actively make a difference. To ensure that this does not remain wishful thinking, a systematic strategy process is required that begins with an analysis of potential. This requires not only sound business knowledge and an understanding of the market economy, but also knowledge of human nature. We identify the development potential and quantify it for the corporate decision-making process.

  • Structure and process analysis
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Strategy audits and situation assessment
  • Identification of implementation projects
02   Tax & Company Law

Adapting Structures Flexibly

In order to fully exploit the potential of a business idea, it may be necessary to establish and manage companies for holding, trading, real estate, investment and licence purposes. The global protection of intellectual property (IP rights) and, above all, the dynamic adaptation of the royalty structure are also important. Together with our specialists, we draw up a complete plan and all associated contracts and documents in order to optimise cash flows in a legally sound manner.

  • Tax corporate and transaction structuring
  • Tax planning for companies and investors
  • Company formations
03   Corporate Finance

Securing Freedom of Action

In the end, a company's ability to act is always a question of financing. Is the company flexible and manoeuvrable enough to make forward-looking investments at the right time? Is capital available or is it tied up in constraints? I analyse the capital structure in order to uncover and exploit the potential for optimisation. This increases the value of the company and gives the entrepreneur more freedom of action.

  • Restructuring and financing concepts
  • Company documentation
  • Selection of financing partners
  • Process support
  • Investor representation
04   Mergers & Acquisitions

Proceed with Caution

When a company merges with another company, the established corporate culture is put to the test. Investments should also be assessed not only in terms of numbers, but also in a cultural context. If everything fits, professionalism is required in terms of handling and communication. As an experienced and proven team of experts, we have a wealth of experience for such tasks - from company valuation and negotiation strategy to smooth implementation.

  • Acquisition and sales strategies
  • Analytical foundations
  • Company documentation
  • Company valuation
  • Search for candidates
  • Organisation of due diligence
  • Information management
  • Deal structuring
  • Contract negotiations
05   Start-up & Venture Capital

Accompanying Growth

A good business idea can become an expanding group of companies. During growth, it is important to adapt the legal structure smoothly and to carry out reorganisations without frictional losses. We accompany and support all phases of the company's development - also in an international context. So that young entrepreneurs can concentrate fully on strategic issues, we also relieve them of administrative matters where necessary.

  • Preparation and optimisation of the business plan
  • Choice of legal form and company formation
  • Evaluation of financing requirements and sources of financing
  • Negotiations with venture capitalists, business angels and public funding organisations
  • Conception and implementation of employee participation programmes
  • Conception and realisation of an exit through a trade sale or IPO
06   Business Development

Accelerating Growth

Standing still means going backwards. We support companies in finding ideas, also with the targeted involvement of external initiators. If the ideas are already on the table, we help implement them, always with an international perspective. If external growth is being sought, we prepare comprehensive asset valuations as a basis for decisions on mergers, acquisitions or sales of companies or shareholdings of all kinds. We draw up the corresponding contracts and provide advice and mediation with regard to financing options.

  • Development of product, market and regional strategies
  • Designing detailed acquisition strategies and structured sales processes
  • Selecting suitable financing and co-operation partners and establishing networks
  • Implementation of process and structural optimisation
  • Temporary specialist support (interim management) to cope with changes or build up your own expertise
07   Corporate Restructuring

Providing Navigation Assistance

Change does not stop at any company. Restructuring in owner-managed companies is often more complex than in anonymous companies that are only beholden to their shareholders. A reorganisation of the company can potentially cause a lot of friction at all hierarchical levels. We are happy to use our expertise and sensitivity to help you plan restructurings with foresight and implement them in a socially responsible manner.

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Business area analyses and market positioning
  • Gap analysis and development of action plans
  • Increasing efficiency and earnings
  • Development of suitable corporate structures
  • Project management
  • Interim management
  • Integration during mergers and acquisitions
08   Nachfolgelösungen

Maintaining Prospects for Success

Every change of management is both an opportunity and a risk. When is a handover to the next generation the best solution, and when is it just a romantic idea? Business, financial, tax and human aspects need to be considered in a process that often reaches emotional heights. Not only the contractual details are important, but also the timing. Together with my team of experts, I bring a lot of experience and an unbiased outside perspective to bear on these issues. Once the die is cast, we draw up all the contractual documents for a smooth, harmonious business transfer.

  • Analysis of the current situation of the company and family
  • Develop and evaluate strategic options for action
  • Company valuation
  • Support and coach family-internal succession
  • Preparing and supporting the external sale of the business
  • Asset and estate planning from a financial and tax perspective

«We pursue the goal of holding investments for the long term and developing them into strategic positions.»

«Durch Geld gelangt man mitunter in bessere Kreise. Aber es kann nichts daran ändern, wie viele Leute dich lieben oder wie gesund Du bist.»

Warren Buffet